Bournemouth Oceanarium

The ocean is a wonderful place don’t you think? My love for the sea and all the things living in it is at a new high since I went on a trip to Bournemouth to watch Blue Planet 2 Live in Concert. It was epic, but that story is for another post…

Whilst I was there, I treated myself to a little trip around Bournemouth Oceanarium, seeing as I had time and it was barely 5 minutes walk from where I was staying. It was busy in there, but within the maelstrom of school groups, shuffling grandparents and screaming toddlers I managed to get a few good shots on my phone.

Red-bellied Piranha


Ripsaw Catfish

Animalia>>Chordata>>Actinopterygii>>Siluriformes>>Doradidae>>Oxydoras>>O. niger

Spiny Starfish


Beadlet Anemone


As well as actual living things, I found a very cool fossil display! Icthyosaurs, Megalodons, Ammonites… unfortunately this is all that remains of such awe-inspiring creatures

Chambered Nautilus

Animalia>>Mollusca>>Cephalopda>>Nautiloidea>>Nautilida>>Nautilidae>>Nautilus>>N. pompilus

Humboldt Penguin



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