Good Conservation News: 11th-17th March, 2019

Students’ climate change strikes go global, climate change-resistant trees identified in Indonesia and California is drought free for the first time in seven years… read more below


  • New wastewater treatment systems installed in Long Island, New York to cut nitrogen pollution by 90% (The Nature Conservancy)


  • Scientists discover new Baltic flounder species and migration routes with genetic analysis (Mongabay)
  • New carbon tax on companies announced in the Netherlands (Reuters)
  • New viral social media challenge inspires people to clean up litter (Good News Network)



  • IUCN studies finds tree species in Indonesia that are resilient to climate change and support orangutan populations (Mongabay)
  • UK wildlife campaigners launch court challenge against “pest” bird killings (The Guardian)
  • California declared drought free for the first time in 7 years (Reuters)
  • School students’ climate strikes go global with tens of thousands participating (Reuters)
  • New data suggests Japanese people are switching from whale eating to whale watching (National Geographic)

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